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A culinary history going back 4,500 years.
Our products are made by small producers with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Our
production is based on traditional and sustainable farming methods. 

Simple, pure, authentic goods
made by people who respect the land they come from.


"Let the food be your medicine and your medicine be the food"

TREA showcases the best food products Greece has to offer – extra virgin olive oil, olives and honey – all considered as highly nutritious goods helping to boost the immune system and to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. 

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Navarino Icons is a gourmet food line with over 50 international awards, inspired by the culinary history and culture of the Peloponnese. 

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Gourmet Gift Options

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Those gifts that manage to awaken our senses the most, however, are those that we can’t seem to forget. That’s what Gourmet Gift Options are all about: Bundles made of taste and elegance.

Give your family, friends or colleagues a package full of surprises and share with them the tastes that you love.

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If you could put Greece in a jar, our products is what you would get. Olive Oil, Spoon Sweets and Marmalades are some of the tastes you can find among the Greka Icons labels and products.

Discover international and traditional recipes inspired by our products

Discover local recipes inspired by the long-living culinary tradition of the Peloponnese. Find out how you can put some of our finest products to good – or rather, tasteful, use. Follow the instructions of any of the recipes below and make a yummy dish by yourself – it’s easier than you may think!

Awards & Accolades

Our products count more than 52 awards and accolades in top acclaimed international competitions. The one we are most proud of, however, is ‘EVOO of the Year’, which we received for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil for three consecutive years (2016, 2017 & 2018) by the World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

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Greka Icons brands are present in more than physical 600 stores around the globe, including several high-end landmark venues. You can find our brands and tastes in USA, UK, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Greece.

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Group 28

Navarino Icons EVOO of the Year 2017

Group 29

Navarino Icons EVOO of the Year 2016

Group 30

Celebrating the new harvesting season with Navarino Icons

Group 31

A gourmet gift with authentic taste

Group 32

More Navarino Icons award-winning products @ Marks&Spencer

Group 34

Navarino Icons named sofi™ Awards Finalist

Group 35

A gourmet gift with authentic taste

Group 36

Celebrating the harvest season with Navarino Icons

Group 32

Navarino Icons @ Marks&Spencer

Group 37

Navarino Icons @ USA&Asia

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