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1. The visitors / users of the web pages and services of the website of GREKA ICONS SA must read these Terms carefully. In case of disagreement with any of the Terms, they must NOT USE THE WEBSITE. Use of the Website shall be deemed as tacit acceptance hereof and consent. The legal information and the terms provided for herein shall apply to all web pages of the website of GREKA ICONS SA, save as otherwise explicitly specified on a specific page.

2. Limitation of liability: By entering this website, the visitors / users of the pages and services of the website of GREKA ICONS SA agree that they use the website by their own responsibility and that none of the parties involved in the creation, production or publication of this website bears any liability whatsoever. By way of indication and without limitation, it is hereby specified that such parties shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect damages or for any costs or expenses of any kind (including any attorneys’ fees, experts’ fees or other expenses), which may be incurred either directly or indirectly as a result of the access to, use of or navigation in this website or of the downloading of any material, text, data, images, video or audio files from this website, including without limitation anything caused by any virus, bug, human action or omission, computer system, telephone line, hardware, software or software dysfunction or by any other transmission error, omission or delay of the computer or the internetconnection.

3. GREKA ICONS SA shall, without providing any guarantee or bearing any liability, make all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information and overall contents provide through the website are to the extent possible accurate, precise, updated, complete and available. Under no circumstances, including by way of negligence, may GREKA ICONS SA be held liable for any damage that may be caused to any visitors / users as a result of the use of this website.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights: All contents of this website, including without limitation any texts, names, trademarks, logos, graphs, imaging, photographs, video or audio files or other type of files in general are the intellectual property of GREKA ICONS SA and governed by the national and international provisions on Intellectual Property, without prejudice to any explicitly recognized third-party rights. Hence, the reproduction, re-publishing, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, downloading, translation or modification of such content in any manner, either partial or summarized, is strictly prohibited save withthe prior consent of GREKA ICONS SA, save as otherwise provided for herein. The website users / visitors agree that everything contained in the pages of this website constitutes a registered trademark or intellectual property of GREKA ICONS SA or of third parties (and used under proper licensing); Therefore, any
unauthorized use thereof may entail a penal sanction or a fine.

5. The visitors / users of this website are liable to comply with the provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the applicable telecommunication laws, and to refrain from any illegal use or abuse of the contents or services of this website. The visitors /users shall be exclusively liable for any damage to be caused to this website or to the Internet as a result of improper or illicit use of the services on their part.

6. Illegal or illicit conduct: The visitors / users of this website must not publish through or post on this website any pornographic, indecent, profane, defamatory, abusive, threatening, illegal or other material which could constitute per se or instigate any behavior which may entail penal or civil liability or howsoever violate any laws. Even though GREKA ICONS SA or any other parties involved in the creation, production or publication of this website may monitor, inspect or revise the content transmitted or dispatched, GREKA ICONS SA and all parties involved in the creation, production or publication of this website disclaim all liability which may arise from their contents, including without limitation any liability for defamation, abuse, blasphemy, false impersonation or infringement of any intellectual property rights.

7. Hyperlinks: Although this website may be linked to other websites, no liability is undertaken for the contents or services offered through any other websites to which this website may be linked by means of links or banners, nor any guarantee provided for the availability thereof. GREKA ICONS SA denies any direct or indirect authorization, approval, relation, sponsorship or cooperationwith any linked websites, save where this is explicitly stated. By entering this website the visitors / users accept that GREKA ICONS SA bears no liability for any problems which may arise during their visit to / use of any websites linked to this website, as such problems will be the exclusive responsibility of the respective websites.

8. Amendment: GREKA ICONS SA reserves the right to revise this legal information any time for any reason or cause, without prior notice or other obligation. The visitors / users must check every timefor any amendments to these terms, whereas the continued use hereof shall in any case be deemed as acceptance of the amended terms and conditions. In case of non-acceptance, they are liable to refrain from any use of the website.

9. Applicable Law: This Terms of Use are governed by the Greek Law,the directives and regulations of the European Law and the applicable international regulations and construed based on the principles of good faith, the trade usages and the financial and social purpose of the rights at hand. Any provision(s) hereof to be declared illegal, therefore null or inapplicable, shall automatically
cease to apply, whereas the remaining terms hereof shall remain fully valid and effective. Any amendment to these terms shall only be taken into account or form part of these Terms if executed in writing and integrated herein. Any dispute to arise from this agreement shall be referred to the Courts of Athens.

10. The management and protection of any Personal Data of the visitors / users of this website is governed by these Terms and the relevant provisions of Greek Law (L. 2472/1997 as supplemented by the decisions of the President of the Data Protection Authority, Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and Article 8 of L. 2819/2000) and European Law (Directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). Any future regulations that may take effect will form part of these Terms. Any visitors / users who disagree with the data protection terms set out herein must not make use of the services offered through this website. This website requires the visitors / users to submit some personal data. The visitors / users explicitly consent to the use of their personal data by GREKA ICONS SA for promotional or marketing purposes. This website protects the personal nature of your information and may not disclose them to third parties (except where such disclosure is required under the Law, in which event personal data are only disclosed to the competent authorities). This website maintains a record of any personal data submitted by the visitors / users exclusively for purposes of communication, statistics and improvement of the services offered, and may process such data in whole or in part for the purpose of statistical research or market research or for the improvement of the services offered, as well as within the scope of promotional or marketing activities. The visitors / users may contact the competent department either by phone (210 9490210) or at the mailing address of GREKA ICONS SA (5 Pentelis St., 175 64, Athens), in order to obtain information abouttheir personal record or request correction, amendment or deletion thereof.

11. This website uses “cookies”, a technology used to identify the visitors / users of specific services and web pages of this website. Cookies are small text files (not exceeding 4 KB) which may be stored in the hard drive of any visitor / user without obtaining information about any documents or files on their computers. They are used to facilitate the access granted to visitors / users in respectof specific web pages and services of this website or for statistical reasons. The visitors / users can regulate their server as to be notified of the use of cookies in respect of specific pages / services of this website or may block the use of cookies. 

12. In respect of any users under the age of 18 the previous consentof their parents / guardians is considered as granted whenever personal data are disclosed in the website of GREKA ICONS SA.

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